• Plastic Crates are Durable Plastic offers better quality than wood. Plastic storage crates can be built strong to withstand the many issues often encountered with wooden crates while having more flexibility. Learn more
  • Significant Cost Savings Plastic can save your business money. By utilizing our efficient manufacturing processes, we can create a plastic crate that exceeds your specifications while saving your business money. Learn more
  • Custom Plastic Crates We can customize plastic crates to your specifications. Our engineering team will design plastic crates to meet your needs. Forget issues with standard crate dimensions, we can customize your design. Learn more
PlasticCrates.org is a leading supplier of plastic crates and bins for shipping and storage. Not only can we supply you with standard sizes of plastic crates and bins, we have the ability to design custom crates that are affordable and meet your needs.

Let us win your business by demonstrating the benefits and cost savings of custom plastic crates.
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Customizable Plastic Crates

Customizable Crates

Our engineering process can build plastic crates and bins to your specifications.

Affordable Plastic Crates

Affordable Crates

A quality design that meets your specifications AND saves your business money!

Quality Plastic Crates

Quality Crates

Plastic offers many advantages over typical wooden crates. Let us show you the difference.

Clients testimonials

We submitted our specs to PlasticCrates.org and we then held two conference calls with their engineering team. PlasticCrates.org delivered a prototype crate within the month.

John Branstetter, Artist



We must have called thirty different plastic companies. They all had a song & dance. Everyone of them wanted us to change our specifications to something they already built or to something they had in stock. PlasticCrates.org just took our specs and built the crates in the sizes we requested.

Fred Dumick, Engineer



After we tested our new sample crate, we asked PlasticCrates.org to strengthen the door hinge, add a drainage plug and change the color. PlasticCrates.org made all the changes within 48 hours.

William Tansey, Plant Supervisor